Chargeback Scam Recovery Services

When a consumer disputes an approved transaction over the phone and requests a chargeback, or refund, for it, this is known as a chargeback scam. Given that chargeback scams almost exclusively occur online, their popularity has grown along with online shopping.

Chargeback fraud can be harmful when customers knowingly try to “get something for nothing.” However, it can also occur as a result of a simple error, such as when a client fails to identify a valid transaction on their statement (a practice known as "friendly fraud").

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Chargeback Scam Recovery Service

Reversing a credit card payment is known as a chargeback, which happens when a customer disputes the transaction with their bank. Here are some types of chargeback scams:

Friendly fraud

Cardholder disputes legit purchases, alleging unauthorized charges or misrepresented goods. It can occur due to forgetfulness or misunderstanding.

Merchant fraud

A fraudster makes purchases using their debit or credit card and then asks for a chargeback, saying that their credit card details were stolen.

Refund fraud

A fraudster requests reimbursement for an unintentional overpayment. The fraudster then requests that a different card be used to receive the refund.

Interception fraud

A scammer orders with stolen card, matching addresses. They call to change delivery, intercepting the package from e-commerce.

Processing errors

Chargebacks and disputes stem from processing errors, late submissions, credit as charges, invalid cards, no-shows, and incorrect amounts.

True fraud

True fraud chargebacks stem from stolen credit cards, serving their purpose, uncontestable by merchants, and preventable through anticipation.

Identity theft

When making a purchase, a fraudster uses the financial or personal information of another person.

Card cracking

Illegally selling credit/debit card data, acquired via skimming or data breaches, is common on the black market.

Why Choose Us?

We at Financial Money Recovery have put together an outstanding group of professionals to retrieve your money and provide you with peace of mind. With years of experience, our certified team uses a blend of legal, financial, and cybersecurity knowledge to take on challenging cases. To retrieve assets taken from various scams, we collaborate closely with law enforcement and financial institutions.

How We Recover
Chargeback Scams

Scam Detection

Our expertise in preventing fraud allows us to spot anomalies and strange activity, like erroneous charges. We perform thorough scam investigations, locate the source of your funds, and assist you in assembling a potent chargeback fraud defense.

Funds Restoration

Even in situations where there's issue in withdrawing cryptocurrency, our goal is to get your money back. We will work tirelessly to recover what is rightfully yours, having a thorough understanding of various scams, including friendly chargeback scams.

Fraud prevention

We give you the information and tools you need to shield your money from potential dangers in the future. Through our blogs, we would also keep you informed about the most recent frauds and con artists' strategies.

Safety Precautions

At our organization, we take the protection of your personally identifiable information (PII) seriously. When you share any personal data with us through this website, rest assured that we prioritize your privacy rights.

We strictly follow the following security precautions:


Technology for Encryption:

To ensure the highest level of security for customer information, we employ 2-factor encryption.


Secured Communication Channels:

Secure messaging and email systems guard sensitive customer data.


Client authentication:

Multi-factor authentication and stringent verification processes ensure the customer's identity for recovery data.


Information Access Control:

To reduce the possibility of internal security breaches, sensitive client information is only accessible to authorized essential personnel.


Open Communication:

To facilitate easier and more transparent recovery, we have a team of professionals who are committed to keeping in constant contact with our clients.

Despite our best efforts, no automated storage system or Internet delivery technique is completely secure. Thus, while we take reasonable efforts to safeguard your personal information through commercially reasonable means, we are unable to guarantee its complete security.

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Are you sick and weary of losing money on bogus schemes? At Financial Money Recovery, our dedicated team of professionals strives to combat fraud and recover lost assets. Our primary objective is to offer top-quality services to our clients, assisting them in achieving financial stability. We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to their hard-earned money, and we’ve made the once-challenging task of recovery more accessible and affordable.


What is a chargeback scam?

A chargeback scam occurs when an unscrupulous individual begins to charge back legitimate transactions, costing the victim money.

What is the duration of the chargeback scam recovery procedure?

Depending on the case's complexity, the duration varies. Financial Money Recovery pledges to expedite the procedure and keep you informed at every stage.

Can I avoid chargeback scams in the future?

In order to lower the likelihood of recurrence, our experts do provide guidance on safeguarding your accounts, putting preventative measures in place, and keeping up with potential scams.

How does Financial Money Recovery differ from other types of recovery services?

Our priority is customer satisfaction, and our team includes experts in financial fraud recovery. Through our support and knowledge, we help you through every step of the recovery process and guarantee a happy ending.

How can Financial Money Recovery aid in the recovery of chargeback scams?

Financial Money Recovery specializes in recovering funds lost to chargeback scams. Our experienced team navigates the recovery process, working on your behalf to retrieve the funds and guide you through the necessary security measures.