Terms & Conditions

Please make sure to read through these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Terms and Conditions”) cautiously before utilizing the site (the “Administration”) worked by Financial Money Recovery.

Financial Money Recovery registered at United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia & United Arab Emirates.

Section 1: Interpretation of the Business terms for your better understanding.

The terms 'Company' 'We' 'Us' and 'Our' are references to Financial Money Recovery.

'Client,' 'You,' and ‘Your' are used as references to the person to whom our Terms of Business are addressed.

'Compensation' defines as the amount paid to the Client for redress extended to You and is computed as the total cash received, or the complete refund before any offset: (a) against any arrears, (b) due to tax, or both.

'Contract' indicates the obligations set between the Company and You as laid out in these Terms of our Business.

'Claim' implies a formal complaint brought about by Us on Your behalf against Your Bank.

'Bank' defines the bank, building society, finance provider, broker/intermediary or credit card, or other such Company.

Section 2: What "We" as service providers agree to do

2.1 Assess your case and pursue a Claim to recover losses on your behalf if appropriate and in your interest.

2.2 Deal with all aspects of your claim, including communication with relevant Banks and/or institutions and all negotiations. It may be essential for us to acquire further signed documentation from You to fulfill our services.

2.3 Keep You informed of any/all offers of settlement we receive and suggest whether You should reject or accept the settlement offered.

2.4 Always act towards Your best interests when proceeding with Your request.

2.5 Advising you on procedures that can help process your claim faster.

2.6 All your queries regarding our services or pertaining to these terms shall be submitted to the Company electronically to support@financialmoneyrecovery.com to serve your needs better and make our Fund Recovery Services more efficient and effective for you.

2.7 If the financial institution rejects the claim, the Client should immediately send a scanned copy of the official rejection letter to support@financialmoneyrecovery.com so that the Company can examine the reason. Once the letter is obtained, the Company will discuss the possible options with the Client.

Section 3: Your Obligations as a "Client." You agree to:

3.1 Promptly supply Us with any documentation and supporting information, as reasonably called upon by Us.

3.2 Ensure that the information supplied to Us will be correct and not deliberately misleading in any manner.

3.3 Inform Us immediately once You receive any communication from Your Bank or other financial institution, including when You receive Compensation payments for Claims made by Us on Your behalf.

3.4 You authorize Us to refer Your Claim to other authorities if we believe it is in your interests.

3.5 You agree to keep us informed of any offer of Compensation from Your Bank concerning a Claim brought about by Us.

3.6 You authorize and request Us to investigate all agreements and financial activities You may have had if we believe it to be in Your interest. It may include additional contracts that we identify as part of our analysis.

You may request Us not to examine claims if You wish so.

3.7 To grant Us with and ensure that we have the exclusive authority to act for You and Your behalf: (a) to pursue a claim and (b) enter into negotiations with Your Bank.

3.8 Not to remove, restrict or cancel Our authority from Your Bank to act for You.

3.9 Promptly update Us if there are changes in Your contact details.

Section 4: Cancellation and Termination Of Contract

4.1 We can cancel this agreement at any point.

4.2 We shall have the right, by giving written notice to the Client at any time, to promptly terminate the Contract if: You are settled as bankrupt, enter into a voluntary arrangement with either Your creditors or have a receiver appointed under the Mental Health Act 1983.

Section 5: Our Performance

5.1 We shall only be liable for our actions and performance in carrying out the services described under this agreement. Specifically, we are not accountable for the performance of the Bank, FCA, FOS, or FSCS and other such third parties.

5.2 We shall perform our services as described in Section 2 with reasonable endeavors. However, we cannot give assurance that You will win Your Claim.

Section 6: How do we use your information?

6.1 We share your information with banks, financial partners, ombudsman services, and other third-party suppliers to administer your case and as part of providing services to you.

6.2 We may collect and use information (including personal data defined by Data Protection Legislation) from you during our relationship with you. How we collect, store, use, or share your personal data is explained in our Privacy Policy published on our website at https://financialmoneyrecovery.com/ https://financialmoneyrecovery.com/. Our Privacy Policy sets out types of personal data which we collect about you, additional ways in which we safeguard and use such personal data, including but not limited to the details of the legal grounds of processing, and your rights under the Data Protection Legislation such as access, withdrawal of consent, deletion, restriction, transport, and object to the processing of your data. If you would like a copy of your information, please email support@financialmoneyrecovery.com.

6.3 All countries in the European Economic Area (EEA), including the UK, have similar standards of legal protection for your personal information. If so, we will ensure that all of your data is protected to at least UK standards.

Section 7: Our Liability

7.1 Nothing stated in the Contract shall exclude or restrict Our liability for (i) death or personal harm caused by its breach of duty, (ii) any breach of obligations implied by the Supply of Goods and Services Act of 1982 or the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or (iii) other liability which cannot be limited or eliminated by applicable law.

7.2 Before we can evaluate Your Claim, we are required to hold and process information about You.

7.3 Should a Bank deem it necessary to close an account of a client. We accept no liability, consequential loss, or other results of the account closure.

Section 8: Law and Disputes

8.1 The Contract and Your relationship with us shall be overruled by the laws of England and Wales, based on the exclusive jurisdiction of English Courts.

8.2 If any arrangements stated in these Terms are held invalid or unenforceable by a court, the rest of the arrangements under these Terms will remain intact. These Terms comprise the complete understanding between us regarding our Service and any earlier understandings we may have between us concerning the Service.